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Luke, Who’s Talking

A place where people share their passions for great books, old movies and classic tv shows.

Great Books

Let me help you find your next favourite book while I see if the greats live up to the hype.

Old Movies

Starting from the 1920’s, join me as I work my way through the essential films of every decade.

Classic TV

Come along with me as I binge watch episodes from the golden age of television.

Luke J McGrath

I’m Luke and I’d like you to join me as I share my passion for the novels, films and shows that inspire, entertain and move me.

Every weekday, I publish a new review and start a conversation around it. We agree, disagree and find new opinions together.

I believe that a shared passion is a deeper passion and so does our growing community.

Right now, we’re diving into a range of great books, focusing on movies from the 1920s and rewatching every episode of The A-Team.

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